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"A Long and Winding Road"

Biography in Pictures

The First Fifty Years

1949 - 1999

The first photo of me?!



Football is OK ...



but not driving this car!



Icecream is OK ...



but not singing in this three generation group!



My mother is very OK ...




as well as my sister and cousins!



Being a gangster is not OK ...



Joking with my uncle is OK!






My home is my castle!





"Bridge Over Troubled Waters"

(Simon and Garfunkel)




"To be, or not to be ..."

(Hamlet / Shakespeare)




(John Lennon)




Oskarshamn Music Class










With James Tyler





Lute Course in Austria

(The artistic work above is a students notes made during a talk by a lute maker)




















Lute Course in Landshut / Germany








With Göran Söllscher



































More about the Weiss Opera Albus and other works and activities after 1999 you can find on these links:


Official homepage

Lute course Kackelstugan / Sweden

Lute course in Alteglofsheim / Germany

S.O.L. on You Tube

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