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The Baroque Lute Companion

The Baroque Lute Companion
by Stefan Olof Lundgren

  • 252 lute pieces chosen from twelve unpublished manuscripts.
  • 24 studies and twelve chorale variations composed by S. Lundgren.
  • Lute instruction with photos and exercises.
  • Reading and playing from historical sources.
  • Text: English and German.

The pieces in this anthology are organized in twelve chapters and are based on the twelve most common keys for the lute music of this period. Every chapter is ordered in three levels graded, easy, medium and difficult.

349 pages. € 65.00 + Air Mail € 14.00


Table of contents

  • Preface
  • A Brief Introduction to the Art of Playing the Lute
    Holding the Instrument
    Tuning the Lute
    The Right (Plucking) Hand
    The Left (Fingerboard) Hand
    Rules for Striking Hand Technique
    No Rules without Exception
    Three-voice Playing
    Four-voice Playing
    Ascending Slurs ("Hammer-On")
    Descending Slurs ("Pulling-Off")
    Trill with Turned Ending
    Trill with Concluding "Slip-Stroak"
    Trill with with Final (Consonance) Anticipated
    Trills with "Slip Stroak" and Appoggiatura
    Barré Technique
  • Reading and Playing from Historical Sources
  • Musical Works
  • Explanations of Signs

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