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Rabenzeit op.17 for two Lutes

by Stefan Olof Lundgren

On Odins shoulders sit his advisers, the ravens Munin ("Memory" - first lute) and Hugin ("Thought" - second lute). Munin tells stories about noble knights, sweet virgins and demons. Hugin crows approvingly or censoriously in between. At times they simultaneously tell two versions of the same story. Now and then Hugin sinks into an ambiguous growling.

This suite can also be played alone by the first lute. This easy lute part - mostly in two voices - presents completely, in their original musical form, the old Swedish ballads that comprise the thematic basis for this suite.

€ 15.00 + Air Mail € 4.00

Table of contents

  • Herr Hillebrand och Jungfru Lena
  • Varulven
  • Den bergtagna
  • Harpans kraft
  • Sven i Rosengård
  • De två systrarna
  • Liten Getpiga
  • Liten Karin
  • Per Tyrssons Döttrar
  • Gångarpilten
  • Falkvard Lagermanson
  • Maria Magdalena
  • Jungfru Gunnela och Riddar Pärleman
  • Staffan Stalledräng
  • Sorgens makt
  • Final

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