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Die Lautenquartette aus dem Thysius-Lautenbuch

Herausgegeben von

Wolfgang Meyer und Ekkehard Schulze-Kurz


The lute quartets published in this edition are from the manuscript Ms. Thysius 1666 of the Rijksuniversiteitsbiblitheek Leiden known as "Thysius Lute Book".

In the manuscript there are pieces named Superius, Contratenor, Tenor and Bassus. These quartets were thought to be unplayable because the tunings of the four lutes are not mentioned and the tunings derived from names Superius, Contratenor, Tenor and Bassus were partly unusual.

It was not until 1989 when Todd published his article "The Lute Quartets in the Thysius Lute Book" that we know that the names of the quartet pieces given in the Thysius Lute Book were consequently exchanged.

The quartets in this edition are playable on the following lutes:

First voice: Superius = lute with first course a' ("Diskantlaute")
Second voice: Contratenor = lute with first course g' ("Altlaute")
Third voice: Tenor = lute with first course e' ("Tenorlaute")
Fourth voice: Bassus = lute with first course d' ("Basslaute")

Since the second voice, named the Contratenor, is difficult to play because of the many barré-positions, we have added a Contratenor-part for a second "Diskantlaute" (first course = a') which may be played alternatively. (Contratenor in A).

Table of Contents:

Galliarda La Caracossa
Galliarda La Gamba
Galliarda Chi passa
Gallarde de Royne d'escosse
Gallarde Belle qui me vas martirant
Wie sal mijn troetelen
Gallarde Franchoyse
Passomezo d'Italie
Gailliarde d'Italie
Passomezo haubois
Gailliarde haubois
Passomezo La Romanesqua
Gallard La Romanesqua
Passomezo del Zorzi
Si vous estes belle
Brande Battaille


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