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J. Dowland: Seven Songs / J.S. Bach: Cello Suites / Moondances / Lautenthal / Troll Eyes

John Dowland "Seven Songs and A Galliard"

Last year (2012) we shot this video in Sweden. Melanie danced to the well known songs Come again, Flow my tears, Wilt thou unkind, Fine knacks for ladies, I saw my lade weepe, Come heavy sleepe, In darkness let me dwell as well as a Galliard for two to play upon one lute. In this video you will hear these pieces performed on a theorbo and lute. All arrangements by Stefan. By the way, the place where we made the film belonged to Denmark by that time that John Dowland was employed at the Danish court. After eight years he was dismissed in 1606 after overstaying his leave when he went to England on publishing business.

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The Suites no IV-VI for Violoncello Solo by J.S. Bach!

The Complete Suite no IV


The Complete Suite no V


The Complete Suite no VI



Seven dances for the moon


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Melanie Poser, dance / music


Stefan Olof Lundgren, music / musicarrangement / theorbo / film



Der Lautenthaler

A tribute to John Dowland

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DVD Video Playtime 80 Min. 16:9

3x bonus: Mellish / Donnas Dance / Ägir

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Review in Lute Quarterly (USA), fall 2010


Review in Lute News (GB), no. 96, December 2010


DVD Video 20 Min. 16:9




- a fairy tale about a troll island.

In the far north lies a fairy island. It swarms with the shapes of fantasy: thousand-year-old knobbly oaks, windswept contorted pines, silky-soft stones, formed by ice and the eternal waves of the sea. Limestone slabs, broad as a highway, extend along the coast as far as the eye can see. This is the home of our fairy tale: a fairy tale about an elf and a troll.


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