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The Lute Calendar

3rd Book


June 1st It fell on a summer's day Thomas Campian
June 2nd Recercar 18 Franciscus Bossinensis
June 3rd The Passingmessures Galliarde An.
June 4th Præludia Nr. 138 Elias Mertel
June 5th A Study An.
June 6th So ben mi chi ha bon Temps Horatio Vecchi
June 7th Preambel Hans Newsidler
June 8th Courante An.
June 9th What if a Day ? Thomas Campian
June 10th A Coranto An.
June 11th Recercare Francesco Spinacino
June 12th Mein einigs A. Hans Newsidler
June 13th Danza francese An.
June 14th Branle Gay An.
June 15th A Gigue Thomas Robinson
June 16th Passo mezzo An.
June 17th A Coranto An.
June 18th Recercar Sexto Giovanni Maria da Crema
June 19th Villanella An.
June 20th Præludia Nr. 81 Elias Mertel
June 21st Branle Gay An.
June 22nd Ricercar An.
June 23rd Padoana Vincenzo Capirola
June 24th Io vorrei pur fuggir An.
June 25th Saltarello del Groppo An.
June 26th Præludia Nr. 159 Elias Mertel
June 27th Fortune John Dowland
June 28th Branle Simple Antoine Francisque
June 29th Lusty Gallant An.
June 30th The man of life upright Thomas Campian
July 1st Recercar 26 Franciscus Bossinensis
July 2nd Bassa Gioiosa An.
July 3rd Zucht ehr und lob Hans Newsidler
July 4th Prelude An.
July 5th Poor Tome An.
July 6th Recercar 10 Franciscus Bossinensis
July 7th Soneto Enriquez de Valderrábano
July 8th Courante An.
July 9th Allmyne Robert Johnson
July 10th The Scottish Galliard An.
July 11th Preambel Hans Newsidler
July 12th Ach lieb mit leid Hans Newsidler
July 13th Un pezzo tedesco An.
July 14th Courante An.
July 15th Allisons Almayne Richard Allison
July 16th Gray's Inn Masque An
July 17th Recercare Francesco Spinacino
July 18th Volte An.
July 19th Quadro Pavan ? Clement Cotton
July 20th Præludia Nr. 111 Elias Mertel
July 21st Courante Antoine Francisque
July 22nd Chi passa An.
July 23rd Recercare Francesco Spinacino
July 24th Lauitanda Vincenzo Capirola
July 25th Saltarelo Hans Gerle
July 26th Dove son quei fieri occhi An.
July 27th Præludia Nr. 144 Elias Mertel
July 28th Think'st thou then by thy Feigning? John Dowland
July 29th The English Huntsuppe John Whitfield
July 30th Fine Knacks for Ladies John Dowland
July 31st Passo mezzo moderno An.
August 1st Præludia Nr. 10 Elias Mertel
August 2nd Branle de Poitou Antoine Francisque
August 3rd Lodesana Dominico Bianchini
August 4th Tanz - Hupff Auff An.
August 5th Volte An.
August 6th Chi passa per questa strada An.
August 7th Volte An.
August 8th Danza Polacca - Nachtanz An.
August 9th Goe from my wyndowe Richard Allison
August 10th I care not for these Ladies Thomas Campian
August 11th La Volta An.
August 12th Mr. Confess's Coranto An.
August 13th A Toy An.
August 14th A Pavan John Johnson
August 15th Branle Gay Antoine Francisque
August 16th Mascherada An.
August 17th The Lorde Hayes Coranto An.
August 18th Galliard Alfonso (? Ferrabosco)
August 19th A Volte An.
August 20th Bony sweet boy Thomas Robinson
August 21st Courante An.
August 22nd An Almaigne Thomas Robinson
August 23rd Branle Gay An.
August 24th Rogero An.
August 25th Volte An.
August 26th Polnische Tanze An.
August 27th A Gigue Thomas Robinson
August 28th Playfellow Anthony Holborne
August 29th Branle de Poitou An.
August 30th A Gigue Thomas Robinson
August 31st Away with these self-loving lads John Dowland
Appendix Tenores italianos for Lute II Diego Ortiz


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