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Dear Lute Player,

after the anthology The Baroque Lute Companion in 1993, I am glad to be able to offer the renaissace lute players something even more extensive:


The Lute Calendar

The Renaissance Lute Made Easie

365 Lute Pieces Selected and Edited from 49 Original Sources by

Stefan Olof Lundgren

See the Table of contents: Winter / Spring / Summer / Autumn

Read the Preface

Reviews and personal comments

Download the lute song for the 1st of May "Wol kumpt der May" by Hans Newsidler


The Lute Calendar is organized in four books: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. On every day of the year a new lute piece awaits you, carefully chosen so the pieces become gradually more difficult – the lute year begins on December 1st with the easiest piece – carefully „made easie“ and beautifully printed in easy-to-read French tablature.

This huge anthology — 500 pages! — comprises famous lute tunes, dances and fancies as well as many less known masterpieces. The earliest source is the lute book from Francesco Spinacino in 1507 and the latest The Board Lute Book from c. 1620.

Among the composers you will find: Spinacino, Bossinensis, Dalza, Capirola, Gerle, Newsidler, Judenkünig, Milano, Bianchini, da Crema, Morlaye, Holborne, Pilkington, Cutting, Robinson, Dowland, Byrd, Mertel, Kapsberger, Melij and, of course, Mr. Anonymous.

18 well known lute songs by Thomas Campian and John Dowland have been arranged for solo lute and the text of the first verse of every song has been added to make the pleasure even greater and the interpretation more profound. Among the songs by Thomas Campian are: I care not for these Ladies, When to her lute Corrina sings, It fell on a summer’s day. By John Dowland: Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave me?, Come, heavy Sleep, Sorrow, stay, Fine Knacks for Ladies.

Also included in The Lute Calendar are the nine Recercari over „tenores italianos“ from Diego Ortiz „Trattado de glosas ...“ (1553) arranged for two lutes – with staff notation for bass viol and flute as well.

Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn

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