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The Lute Calendar

1st Book



The complete "Winter" of The Lute Calendar is online

70 minutes of music, tablature and lots of "eye candy"



December 1st Das kleine Fundament Hans Newsidler
December 2nd Die ander regel Hans Newsidler
December 3rd Die drit regel Hans Newsidler
December 4th Recercar 12 Franciscus Bossinensis
December 5th La Bourre An.
December 6th Recercar 3 Franciscus Bossinensis
December 7th A Toy An.
December 8th The Spanish pavin An.
December 9th Il Villanico An.
December 10th Three Toys An.
December 11th Ripreses An.
December 12th Canaries An.
December 13th Recercada Primera Diego Ortiz
December 14th Drawe neare me and lowe me An.
December 15th Two Toys An.
December 16th Ich klag den tag Hans Newsidler
December 17th The morris An.
December 18th Ballet An.
December 19th Recercada Segunda Diego Ortiz
December 20th The Canaris An.
December 21st Mein hertz hat sich mit lieb verpflicht Hans Newsidler
December 22nd Branle Gay An.
December 23rd Recercar 4 Franciscus Bossinensis
December 24th Joseph, lieber Joseph mein An.
December 25th Recercada Ottava Diego Ortiz
December 26th Pavaniglia An.
December 27th Pavana Spagnolet An.
December 28th Recercar 15 Franciscus Bossinensis
December 29th Puis quæ tu es sibelle An.
December 30th Recercar 9 Franciscus Bossinensis
December 31st Il Cesarino An.
January 1st L'Entrata An.
January 2nd Il Spagnoletto An.
January 3rd Branle Gay An.
January 4th A Ballad An.
January 5th La volta Lettis Rich An.
January 6th Recercada Tercera Diego Ortiz
January 7th Corranto An.
January 8th Preludiume An.
January 9th What if a Day John Dowland
January 10th Patkintons componds An.
January 11th Recercada Quarta Diego Ortiz
January 12th Præludia Nr. 17

Elias Mertel

January 13th Volte Antoine Francisque
January 14th Recercar Joanambrosio Dalza
January 15th Branle double de Poitou Antoine Francisque
January 16th Marscherada An.
January 17th Danza An.
January 18th Recercada Quinta Pars Diego Ortiz
January 19th Recercar 8 Franciscus Bossinensis
January 20th Mr. Dowlands Midnight John Dowland
January 21st Les Canaris An.
January 22nd The Lady Banning her Almand John Sturt
January 23rd Three Toys An.
January 24th Markett is done An.
January 25th Branle Gay An.
January 26th Orlando John Dowland
January 27th Lighte of Love An.
January 28th Recercada Settima Diego Ortiz
January 29th A Jig An.
January 30th Lothe to Departe An.
January 31st Coranto An.
February 1st Two Grounds An.
February 2nd Corrente francese An.
February 3rd Recercar 2 Franciscus Bossinensis
February 4th Poor Tom of Bedlam An.
February 5th Ein guts hofftentzlein - Der hupff auff Hans Newsidler
February 6th The Lady Elyza her masque An.
February 7th Corrente francese An.
February 8th Passo mezzo in discant dal Nicolo Nigrino An.
February 9th Corrente An.
February 10th Recercar Primo Franciscus Bossinensis
February 11th Tanz - Hupff Auff An.
February 12th Cuttings comfort Francis Cutting
February 13th Cruelle d'artie An.
February 14th Pavana Spagnolet An.
February 15th Præludia Nr. 7 Elias Mertel
February 16th Recercada Quinta Diego Ortiz
February 17th Zart schöne fraw gedenck und schaw Hans Newsidler
February 18th A Toye An.
February 19th Fayre my systers disdayne me not An.
February 20th An Almayne Mr. Johnsonne John Johnson
February 21st A Ground An.
February 22nd Recercada Sesta Diego Ortiz
February 23rd Recercar 6 Franciscus Bossinensis
February 24th Al Almane An.
February 25th Courante An.
February 26th Recercar 7 Franciscus Bossinensis
February 27th A Pavin An.
February 28th Toy An.



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