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The Lute Calendar

2nd Book


March 1st Das grosse Fundament Hans Newsidler
March 2nd Præludia Nr. 154 Elias Mertel
March 3rd Le Forze Derculle Dominico Bianchini
March 4th Preludum An.
March 5th Four Toys An.
March 6th I Can not keepe my wyfe at howme An.
March 7th Good Night John Johnson
March 8th Subplementum An.
March 9th Bara Faustus' Dream An.
March 10th Volte An.
March 11th Nach willen dein Hans Newsidler
March 12th Subplementum An.
March 13th Stanes Morris An.
March 14th Je ne fay Francesco Spinacino
March 15th Branle


March 16th Bassa Imperiale An.
March 17th Bianco Fiore An.
March 18th Canario An.
March 19th Branle Gay An.
March 20th El Burato Domenico Bianchini
March 21st Danza An.
March 22nd Pezzo tedesco An.
March 23rd Allemanda An.
March 24th Recercar Joanambrosio Dalza
March 25th Branle double de Poitou Antoine Francisque
March 26th Ich gieng ein mage Bayieren An.
March 27th Præludium An.
March 28th Branle Simple Antoine Francisque
March 29th John com Kisse mee Now An.
March 30th A Maske An.
March 31st Courante An.
April 1st Preambel Hans Newsidler
April 2nd Benedictus Desprez Josquin
April 3rd My lord willobes wellcome home John Dowland
April 4th Corranto An.
April 5th Quadro Pavan ? Thomas Aytkinson
April 6th Ballet An.
April 7th Ballet An.
April 8th Preambel Hans Newsidler
April 9th Branle Simple Antoine Francisque
April 10th A Gigg Francis Cutting
April 11th Pack. Ponnd An.
April 12th Ballet An.
April 13th A Allman An.
April 14th Volte Antoine Francisque
April 15th Ich weyß mir ein hübsch Paumgertelein Hans Gerle
April 16th Courante An.
April 17th Green sleves An.
April 18th Courante An.
April 19th Courante Antoine Francisque
April 20th Præludia Nr. 71 Elias Mertel
April 21st God be with the Franks An.
April 22nd Tedesca An.
April 23rd Delacourt Pavin An.
April 24th Corrente detta la Braua Pietro Paolo Melij
April 25th La Cortesia An.
April 26th Volte An.
April 27th Misstress Whites Choyse John Dowland
April 28th The Lady Phillyes Mask An.
April 29th Volta detta L'osestana Pietro Paolo Melij
April 30th Finale Alberti Dlugorai
May 1st Wol kumpt der May Hans Newsidler
May 2nd Italiana An.
May 3rd The French Tune ? P. Guédron
May 4th Bergamasca An.
May 5th A Toy An.
May 6th Præludia Nr. 72 Elias Mertel
May 7th Von edler art Hans Newsidler
May 8th Gagliard di un Ballo tedesco An.
May 9th Branle Simple Antoine Francisque
May 10th Sellengers Rownde An.
May 11th Præludium An.
May 12th Liebs meidlin gut, was hast im mut Hans Newsidler
May 13th Fedelta d'Amour An.
May 14th Ballet An.
May 15th The scottish Huntsupe An.
May 16th The battaile Galliarde John Dowland
May 17th Præludia Nr. 80 Elias Mertel
May 18th Ein guts hofftentzlein - Der hupff auff Hans Newsidler
May 19th Spagnoletta An.
May 20th Volte Antoine Francisque
May 21st Almande Robert Dowland
May 22nd Præludia Nr. 101 Elias Mertel
May 23rd Tröstlicher lieb Hans Newsidler
May 24th Volte An.
May 25th La Courante Sarabande ? R. Ballard
May 26th O deare Lyfe An.
May 27th Præludium Jacob Reys
May 28th Caldibi castigliano Joanambrosio Dalza
May 29th A caso un giorno An.
May 30th Joane to the may pole An.
May 31st Though you are young Thomas Campian
Appendix Tenores italianos for Bass viol and Flute Diego Ortiz


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