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Stefan Olof Lundgren, Lute

In 1996 the recording of EISENHAND took place. On the (Swedish) island of Öland my family has a summer house, and, so I thought, the quietness of nature there would be ideal for such a sensitive undertaking like music recording, . What a mistake! Have you ever heard how inexhaustibly birds can sing? Almost to the point of despair. Well, late in the evening they took a nap, and that was the time for a dialog with the microphones. I used two Sennheiser MKH 40 P48's, a Behringer Model MIC 2000 Ultragain preamplifier and Sony 60 ES DAT-Recorder .


Summer house
Summer house on the island Öland



Recorded titles on the CD "EISENHAND".


Study No.15 and 16, Op.12

Choral Variations Nr.7, Op.13

Prelude No.1, Op.20

Prelude No.2, Op.20

Prelude No.3, Op.20

Prelude No.4, Op.20

Study No.17, Op.12

Study No.18, Op.12

Choral Variations Nr.8, Op.13

Capriccio No.1, Op.4 "con delicatesse"

Capriccio No.2, Op.4 "cantabile"

Capriccio No.3, Op.4 "dolente"

Capriccio No.4, Op.4 "giacoso"

Capriccio No.5, Op.4 "grazioso"

Capriccio No.6, Op.4 "grazioso con slancio"

Study No.19, Op.12

Choral Variations Nr.9, Op.13

Prelude No.5, Op.20

Prelude No.6, Op.20

Prelude No.7, Op.20

Prelude No.8, Op.20

Frédéric Chopin; Prélude Nr.6, Op.28


Total Time: 55.31


Price: € 12.00 + Air Mail: € 4.00



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