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CD Alvaret (2002)

Stefan Olof Lundgren, Lute

Price: € 12.00 + Air Mail: € 4.00


A few short music examples ( MP3 in almost CD-quality) will be presented here. First, as an overview, all the titles of the CD:

01. Prelude Op.20, No.12 (765 Kb)
02. Prelude Op.20, No.10
03. Prelude Op.20, No.9
04. Prelude Op.20, No.11

These pieces by me are played on the Schelle Lute by Mathias Durvie, Paris 1980

The following set of pieces for 11-course baroque lute are from Robert de Visée (1660-1721) found in the "manuscrit Vaudry de Saizenay" 1699. The lute used here is a copy from Leopold Widhalm, Nürnberg 1755, by Josef Kreisel, Oberzeitlbach 2000.

05. La Montfermeil, Rondeau/Chaconne
06. Tombeau du Vieux Gallot
07. Gavotte
08. Gigue

Now follow studies and preludes by me. The studies are published in the "Baroque Lute Companion". The lute is again "the Shelle".

09. Study Op.12, No.12
10. Study Op.12, No.13
11. Prelude Op.20, No.13
12. Prelude Op.20, No.14
13. Prelude Op.20, No.15
14. Prelude Op.20, No.16

Again Robert de Visée on "the Widhalm":

15. Tombeau de Mr. Mouton, Allemande (523 Kb)
16. Courante
17. Les Silvains de Mr. Couprin
18. Chaconne
19. Gigue

Finally, on Schelle, studies and a choralevariation that also can be found in the "Baroque Lute Companion".

20. Study Op.12, No.9
21. Study Op.12, No.11
22. Choralvariation Op.13, No.5


Stefan Olof Lundgren at work


The original Schelle
The original Schelle from 1727

Schelle again



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